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Current Status: CLOSED Payment accepted through PayPal in USD.

Up for drawing: original characters, fan art, anime, anthro, shipping, cuteness, sexiness, tasteful nudity, fantasy violence, mild blood, and more!
Not gonna draw: extreme gore


Rough Ink'd35405020+
Classic Color55607040+
Fancy Color859010060+
  • Bust is head and shoulders, no arms.  Can include jewelry/dangling neck accessories.
  • Half-Body is defined as head to waist. Can include arms, wings, and tails, but a lot of limbs may add to design complexity cost.
  • Full-Body is the whole shebang, head to toe.  May include wings, tails, etc, but it may add to cost depending on overall complexity.
  • Backgrounds that require drawing are optional and an additional charge depending on complexity. Free background options: solid color, gradient, a simple texture, or transparent.
  • Extra Characters multiply base tier amount by number of characters.

Style Tier Details

Sketch Tier is defined by soft lines and soft shading.  Very sketchlike, no hard brush lines are used.  Two colors are allowed, along with white.  Colors may be chosen by client or left for me to decide.

Ink Tier is defined by loose inked lineart, black and white, without shading. Lineart is made with a hard brush but retains sketchlike, brushstroke quality.  You have the option to retain the original sketch underneath.

Classic Color Tier is defined by loose inked lineart, full color, and cell-shading.  Lineart is made with a hard brush but retains sketchlike quality.  Coloring is done with cel-shading, meaning a hard edge like you find in animation.

Fancy Color Tier is defined by clean inked lineart, full color, and painteresque shading.  Lineart is made with a hard brush and refined to be as smooth as possible.  Shading is done with a degree of realism to bring a natural life to the artwork.

Check out the Commission Gallery for more examples from real clients!

Usually Sketch, Ink, and Classic are done at letter size (8.5×11 inches) 300 dpi, while Fancy is done at tabloid size (11×17 inches) 300 dpi.  Canvas size may go up if commission is particularly complicated.

Sketch, Ink, and Classic Color commissions can usually be finished within one month, barring busy seasons, if not sooner.  However, Fancy Color commissions, due to their complexity, may take over a month to finish.  Adding characters and/or backgrounds will also increase commission completion time.  If you need a commission done by a certain date, please let me know in the beginning and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Please look over Terms of Service before sending a Commission Interest Form.  Agreeing to a commission is agreeing to the ToS.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask via email, at !