Commission Terms of Service

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Personal Commission Terms of Service

Before Art Starts!

  • After a Commission Form is received, I’ll look over your info and may ask additional questions for your idea via email.
  • Once we discuss the idea and I agree to work on it, I’ll send a commission price quote via email.  If the client concedes to the price then we’ll move on to payment.  Do not send payment before I agree to work on it.
  • After we come to an agreement on subject, price, and payment plan, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice to your email, for you to pay through.  It’s very simple!
  • Full payment is expected upfront, before work on commission starts.  Commissions over $100 may be into split payments of half-now, half-before-color.
  • After payment is received, I’ll keep in touch with you via e-mail on your commission progress.  The three main stages are sketch, ink, and color.  Each stage will need approval from the commissioner before moving on, so check your email often!
  • Sketch, Ink’d, and Classic Color commissions take about a week to a month to complete. Fancy Color commissions take about over a month to complete.  Time may also vary depending on queue.  If you need a commission done by a particular time, please let me know!
  • Note: Base tier prices are guidelines so your quote may differ depending on complexity.

The Art Process

  • The first stage is sketch.  This is the time to make known any drastic changes that are needed.  More complicated commissions may have multiple sketch updates.
  • The second stage is ink.  At this point the pose is locked down and drastic changes will incur additional charge.  But, small details fixes may be done without additional charge.
  • The third stage is shading/color.  Commission is essentially done and only small touch-ups can be done now.
  • Of course, for sketch tier the only stage is sketch, and for ink tier the only stages are sketch and ink.
  • Once the final approval is received from the client, I’ll send a high-res PNG and a web format PNG and the commission is complete.

After Art’s Done!

  • Commissions are for personal use only.  This means no making of profit of the art in any form, e.g. selling merchandise made from the high-res JPEG file or use in a commercial/brand.  However, the art may be used for your icon, social media themes, non-profit website layouts, etc.  Credit is appreciated and please do not claim to have created the art yourself.
  • Likewise, I also retain the right to post the finished commission on my personal websites, blogs, or galleries.  However, I will not create merchandise from the commissioned artwork.
  • Please do not alter or have other artists alter the artwork during or after the commission process.  e.g. redrawing features.  Any reasonable desired changes should be discussed with me first.
  • Cropping or resizing the artwork to fit icon or web banner sizes is allowed.
  • If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me via email :>