Archer | Mission: Difficult

Adult, Talking Heads, Action

The IIA has captured Archer and now his team must negotiate with Fabian for his safe return! But not before IIA’s newest cyborg spy, Barry, gets to interrogate him. Revisions by Taylor Parrish.

Big Bruh | Sacrifice

Adult, Talking Heads, Action, Crowds

Money Montez, desperate to prove himself a good person, joined Big Bruhs of America to mentor Nikki Cooper. But with her high standards, she will accept nothing less than fighting for social justice. Even if that means jumping between two warring crowds of BLM and Red Hat protestors.

“Big Bruh” film can be viewed on Tubi for free!

Big Bruh | Glory

Adult, Talking Heads

Nikki Cooper tags along with Carlin Staplesack, as they break into the football stadium for social justice! Or so she thinks… Nikki soon learns why it’s best not to meet your heroes.

“Big Bruh” film can be viewed on Tubi for free!

The Who Was Show | Earhart Music Video

Children, Music Video

Amelia Earhart inspires girls around the world, in a rock ballad detailing her historic achievements.

Final music video viewable on YouTube. Full series available on Netflix.

The Who Was Show | Einstein Music Video

Children, Music Video

Bored out of his mind at work, Albert Einstein daydreams about life as a rock start instead of a patent office clerk.

The New Adventures of Paddlepop | Lunchtime Race

Children, Action

Max signs up our heroes for Battle of the Bands, without permission! Leena races across the cafeteria, to erase their names before sign-ups close. Revisions by Adam Ford.